About the blogger

This blog is run by Nahom Nega. I am a current freshman at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, majoring in Media and Communications and Finance.

Throughout my life, I have tried many different things from karate to swimming to singing but it was only recently that I found what I love more than anything else on this earth, writing about sports. Sports have always been near and dear to my heart but I was never athletic enough to have a future in playing sports. But that never meant that the door in sports was closed for me, I then started watching sports on a daily basis. It got to a point where it began to annoy my father that this was what I was doing with all my life. He helped me realize that just watching sports won’t get me anywhere. I decided I’d try and start writing about sports and the rest was history. I wrote many articles but kept them to myself but I soon realized that I needed a platform to upload them on and an adviser that can help me better my writing. Then I founded a blog on my school newspaper but we didn’t have enough sports writers on it so it wasn’t as successful as I hoped. Then finally I decided to create my own blog. Although sports are my biggest passion there are two other things I love and will include in this blog: photography and music. If you would like to contact me in regards to any errors, mistakes, suggestions, praise opportunities etc; or have any positive comments on any of my uploaded content please feel free to email me at nega.nahom.sports@gmail.com.

Hope you all enjoy!

Career Objective

Short term goal is to get as much experience as possible in the media field. I’ve been familiarizing myself with helpful skills such as video creating, editing, photography and writing professionally. I hope to also experience working with various types of blogs, athletic departments, and teams.

My long-term goal is to get a position full time with a sports media company that presents the sports world in a unique and intriguing way. It has always been a dream of mine to work with companies who I’ve been looking up to since this passion for sports grew inside me.

Awards & Honors 

Elizabeth Seton Award for Excellence in Publications

  • Received for excellent work on my school paper and my personal sports blog.
  • This award was a reward for my dedication to this field this past two years and is what magnifies my passion for sports and news and what gives me the confidence in my writing.


Nahom Nega 2018 Resume